LumiTop X20 / X30 High-resolution imaging colorimeter for display quality control with outstanding flexibility

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LumiTop X20 / X30: Highest measuring accuracy meets maximum flexibility

The LumiTop X series was specially designed to meet the increasingly demanding measurement tasks in display measurement technology while providing a high degree of flexibility to the customer. The new LumiTop X20 and LumiTop X30 form the latest generation featuring the innovative 3-in-1 concept of our LumiTop test systems.

Extended measuring range

Due to the high sensitivity of the LumiTop X20 / X30 and internally switchable ND filter, these units offer a dynamic range of mcd/m² to Mcd/m². They deliver precise results, particularly for measurements at very low luminance.

Flexibility in the laboratory and production

The electronic focus enables the user to change quickly and easily between samples of different sizes. The excellent repeatability of the focus drive is specially designed for use in the production area.

The innovative LumiTop design combines the short measurement times of the CMOS RGB camera with the absolute accuracy of the spectral reference measurement. Together with the integrated fast photodiode for measuring flicker and modulation frequency, all relevant optical tests can be performed in a single test station.

LumiTop X20 / X30 – Product details

  • Fast luminance camera and imaging colorimeter with 20 MP or 31 MP
  • Extended dynamic range of mcd/m² to Mcd/m²
  • Low luminance: Optimal sensitivity for best results at low luminance
  • High-precision electronic focus
  • Full evaluation of luminance and color homogeneity, mura, pixel defects, contrast, gamma curves, white point, flicker and luminance modulations as well as spectral analysis in the center spot
  • Very short measuring times with high absolute measuring accuracy

LumiTop X20 / X30 – For optical production tests under challenging conditions

LumiTop X20 und X30 were specially designed for measuring tasks with extended demands on flexibility, including the low luminance range. Applications include display testing for smart watches to TVs, back light units or light modules for the automotive industry. The instruments offer short measuring times with highest precision and maximum flexibility.

LumiTop Family – Technical data

Model variants

LumiTop X20

LumiTop X30

Resolution (RGB)

20 MP

31 MP

Choice of Lens

25 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, others on request

25 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, others on request

Camera Interface

1 Gigabit Ethernet


Min. / Max. Luminance

0.002 cd/m² - 1,000,000 cd/m²

0.001 cd/m² - 1,000,000 cd/m²

Camera Measurement Time
at 20 ms exposure time

0.9 s

0.4 s

The detailed measurement conditions under which the specified values have been determined can be looked up in the data sheets and brochures or requested from Instrument Systems.