Imaging Colorimeters & IR Testing Cameras For advanced 2D light measurement

Fast analyses with imaging systems

The fast, spatially resolved acquisition of photometric, colorimetric and radiometric values with the aid of imaging systems has gained enormously in importance. Compared to non-spatially resolved measuring instruments such as spectrometers, camera-based technology from Instrument Systems offers the following advantages:

  • Considerable time savings due to simultaneous acquisition of multiple measurements in one image
  • Comprehensive image processing software for automated analyses, e.g. for the calculation of homogeneity or contrast values


Our imaging photometers and colorimeters are mainly used for:

  • Precise determination of photometric and colorimetric properties
  • Quality assurance of instrument panels, display panels and cockpits in the automobile industry and aviation
  • Fast and precise quality control in display production
  • Pixel-accurate analysis of high-resolution displays, also in AR/VR applications or for µLED wafers
  • Light measurement of lamps and luminaires in general lighting


Our IR testing cameras are used in:

  • Near-field analyses at single emitter level for comprehensive characterization and defect analysis of VCSEL arrays (in combination with a high-precision spectroradiometer)
  • Far-field analyses of the spatial radiation properties of VCSEL arrays, e.g. for guaranteeing eye safety in the field of 3D sensing and LiDAR (in combination with a high-precision spectroradiometer)
  • Measurement of VCSEL pulses

Video: Our Imaging Colorimeters LumiCam

Video: Our Imaging Colorimeters LumiTop