Imaging Colorimeters & IR Testing Cameras

For advanced 2D light measurement

Increasingly important - Imaging photometers and colorimeters

The use of imaging photometers and colorimeters for fast recording of photometric and colorimetric quantities with spatial resolution has attracted increasing interest. Compared with measuring instruments without spatial resolution, such as spectrometers, this technology from Instrument Systems offers the following advantages:

  • Substantial time-savings with simultaneous capture of a large number of measurements in a single image
  • Comprehensive image-processing software permits automated methods of analysis, e.g. calculation of homogeneity or contrast

Imaging photometers and colorimeters are the instruments of choice for:

  • Measurement of luminance and color distribution of panel graphics, switches and instrument clusters for vehicles
  • Measurement of homogeneity, contrast, and mura of flat-panel displays
  • Homogeneity analysis of lamps and luminaires used in general lighting
  • Capturing luminance distribution curves of small lamps and luminaires