Automotive Interior Lighting High-precision light measurement in the vehicle interior

Optical product and component testing of back-lit display systems

Whether displays or ambient lighting – light modules in the vehicle interior ensure safety, aesthetics and user-friendliness. Their purpose is the visual transmission of information, and they are exposed to a wide range of temperature and ambient lighting conditions.

The challenge: Satisfaction of OEM compliance guidelines

From single component manufacture to the integration of light modules in the vehicle interior, automotive suppliers must satisfy the strict spectral and photometric requirements of the OEM compliance guidelines. For German OEMs clearly defined requirements of the German Flat Display Forum (DFF) - as specified in the “Display Specification for Automotive Application” - apply to the field of interior displays.

Besides know-what and know-how, it is essential to have the right measuring equipment. Depending on the task at hand, attention must be paid to the choice of a suitable system in terms of precision, measurement speed and efficiency.

Our solution: LumiCam and LumiTop 2D imaging colorimeters

Instrument Systems is an active member of the DFF, and for many years it has helped to pave the way for standardization procedures in the field of automotive interiors. We are experts when it comes to the latest requirements in light measurement technology and data processing regulations for the vehicle interior. Many renowned manufacturers and suppliers rely on our experience and broad product portfolio.

The continuously optimized, highly flexible LumiCam imaging colorimeters with their wide range of accessories reflect our many years of experience from a large number of customer projects in automotive interiors. In combination with a CAS spectrometer, the LumiTop camera  is one of the few 2D color measuring systems available on the market with spectroradiometric precision that satisfies the color accuracy requirements of “Display Specification for Automotive Application”.

On the basis of our CAS series, high-end spectrometers in the form of DTS display measuring systems are also available as automatic all-in-one systems for the measurement of radiation density and luminance, as well as the color of displays and panel graphics. For the inclusion of ambient temperature and angle dependence we offer a unique all-in-one solution with the DMS series of goniometer systems.

We will be pleased to provide advice for your planning, and help to configure the ideal measuring concept.

What is your individual challenge? Together we can find the right solution – just ask us!

Video: Introduction into testing solutions for automotive interior lighting

Video: Product presentation of the new LumiCam 2400B