CAS 125-HR Ultra-fast, high-resolution array spectroradiometer

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CAS 125-HR – Optimized for time-critical measurement of narrowband light sources

The high-resolution spectroradiometer CAS125-HR from Instrument Systems combines high resolution with very short measuring times. It is thus ideal for time-critical, cycled measurements in production lines of narrowband light sources, e.g. laser / VCSEL.

Temperature-stabilized CMOS sensor

The CMOS sensor with specially developed readout electronics enables measuring times as short as 10 µs. Thus, even very short narrowband light pulses can be measured. In addition, a ‘recipe mode’ is available, with which several thousand measurements can be combined into a measurement series. This makes highly efficient manufacturing processes possible. The sensor’s integrated temperature stabilization ensures a dark current behavior independent of ambient conditions.

Maximum spectral resolution

The spectrograph block of the CAS 125 series is based on the proven high-end spectroradiometer CAS 140D. Thanks to its high optical performance in terms of stray light and optical throughput, the CAS 125-HR is also well-suited to demanding metrology tasks in the lab and development.

A special quality feature from Instrument Systems is calibration traceable to PTB and NIST, with which all our spectrometers are equipped.

CAS 125-HR – Product details:

  • Extremely short integration times up to 10 μs
  • High spectral resolution up to 0.08 nm (FWHM), depending on selected spectral range (UV-VIS-NIR)
  • Recipe mode for ultra-fast measurement sequences
  • 4096 Pixel CMOS sensor with thermal stabilization
  • Maximum rate of 1900 scans per sec.
  • Minimal stray light with high optical throughput

Versatile in use for laser diode measurements

The new CAS 125-HR meets the highest requirements in terms of accuracy and versatility – in applications in large-scale production as well as in the lab:

  • High level of reliability and speed
  • Operation independent of changing environmental conditions
  • Robust housing and small footprint
  • For demanding conditions in 24/7 operation


Extensive range of accessories and software from Instrument Systems

The CAS 125-HR becomes an all-in system with a wide selection of accessories and numerous software packages:

  • Integration into the customer’s existing software environment via the spectrometer SDK
  • Integration into custom-designed programs and production environments via DLL and LabVIEW® drivers
  • Spectral analysis software SpecWin Pro – a powerful and easy-to-use interface for a quick introduction to a wide range of applications

Examples of applications

CAS 125-HR – Technical Data

CAS 125-HR

Model 941

Spectral range

902 – 982 nm

Spectral resolution

0.09 nm

Data point interval

0.023 nm


10 µs – 10 s

Wavelength measurement accuracy

±0.5 nm

For models with other measuring ranges in UV-VIS-NIR please seek the advice of our experts!