CAS 125 Array spectroradiometer for precise and time-critical measurement tasks

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CAS 125 – Extremely short testing times, best optical performance!

The CAS 125 from Instrument Systems is specially designed to meet the requirements of high-throughput 24/7 production applications. At the same time it fulfills a wide range of measurement tasks in laboratory and development.

Optical testing in production lines can be time critical. Thanks to a CMOS sensor with sophisticated readout electronics, the new CAS 125 array spectroradiometer achieves very short measuring times down to 10 µs. The integrated stabilization of the sensor ensures dark current behaviour independent of ambient conditions.

Recipe mode

Using the Spectrometer SDK, several thousand measurements can be combined to a measurement series (recipe), thus achieving extremely short overall testing times.

Low stray light and high optical throughput

The design of the spectrograph block is based on our proven high-end spectroradiometer CAS 140D. Due to its optical performance with regards to stray light and optical throughput, the CAS 125 is also ideally suited for diverse measurements tasks in laboratory and research & development.

A large selection of accessories and comprehensive software packages complement the CAS 125 to form a complete system for a wide range of spectroradiometric and photometric measurement tasks. The CAS 125 can be integrated into existing software environments via the spectrometer SKD. The SpecWin Pro graphical user interface allows a quick start and a wide range of applications.

CAS 125 – Product details:

  • Spectral variants ranging from 200 nm – 1100 nm
  • CMOS sensor with sophisticated read-out electronics and integrated temperature stabilization
  • Ultrashort integration times down to 10 µs
  • Increased productivity with the Recipe mode
  • Spectrograph with high optical throughput and integrated density filter wheel
  • Plug & play accessory identification
  • Precise measurement of color correlated temperature (CCT) and color rendering index (CRI)
  • Comprehensive software package SpecWin Pro and Spectrometer SDK

Versatile spectroradiometer with focus on applications close to production testing

The CAS 125 enables enhanced productivity in LED, luminaire or display production lines.

Supplemented by the comprehensive Instrument Systems accessory portfolio, the CAS 125 is suited for versatile radiometric and photometric measurements of single LEDs, UV LEDs, VCSEL and SSL products – as well as all types of displays (LED, OLED, µLED). A light measurement system based on the new CAS 125 meets nearly every new challenge not only in production but also in the lab!

CAS 125 – Technical Data

Model versions





Spectral range

200 – 830 nm

300 – 1100 nm

360 – 830 nm

380 – 1040 nm

Spectral resolution (100 µm slit)

3.0 nm

3.7 nm

2.2 nm

3.0 nm

Data point interval

0.7 nm

0.9 nm

0.5 nm

0.76 nm


10 µs – 10 s

10 µs – 10 s

10 µs – 10 s

10 µs – 10 s

Wavelength measurement accuracy

±0.2 nm

±0.2 nm

±0.2 nm

±0.2 nm

The detailed measurement conditions under which the specified values have been determined can be looked up in the data sheets and brochures or requested from Instrument Systems.


Further measuring ranges are possible depending on the accessories. Please seek the advice of our experts!