LumiCam Display Measurement Filter-based camera system for determining luminance and color

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Imaging system for maximum flexibility at highest measurement accuracy

The broad variety of displays using a wide range of technologies requires 2D imaging systems that allow for a precise and spatially resolved measurement of luminance and color.

To this aim Instrument Systems offers the color filter-based camera system LumiCam. The different LumiCam models and extensive optical accessories make this camera a quick-change artist for diverse measuring tasks in the lab and quality control in small-scale production. The LumiCam from Instrument Systems has long since become an integral part of the display measurement setup, particularly in the automotive sector.

Key Features:

  • Precise, spatially resolved 2D-measurement of luminance and color
  • Motorized lens and aperture control
  • Flexible and user-friendly application
  • Extensive analysis software

Whether in the automotive sector, aviation or display industry – exacting requirements are placed on the optical check of test samples in the lab or small batch inspection:

  • Measurement accuracy
  • Operator friendliness
  • Comprehensive software analyses
  • Modification options for a measuring instrument perfectly tailored to the respective measurement task

The optical accessories of the LumiCam colorimeter and accompanying evaluation software were designed specifically for these demands. Our LumiCam system for display measurement features a high level of user comfort, reliable reproducibility and a broad spectrum of measuring and analytical options.

System configuration

A LumiCam system typically consist of the following components:

Component Description

Measuring camera

LumiCam 2400B filter-based imaging photometer and colorimeter in the Mono, Color (4 color filters) or Advanced (6 color filters) variants


LumiCam software with optional Black Mura plug-in

Optical accessories

Motorized lenses with 20mm, 28mm, 50mm or 100mm focal length and OD2 or OD4 filter

LVK test setup

Accessory set consisting of optical bench, translucent shield, holder for the LumiCam, holder for test sample

Positioning systems

DTS 400 and DTS 500

Measurement of luminous intensity distribution (LVK)

The LVK test setup (LVK = Leuchtstärkeverteilungskurve) from Instrument Systems permits a precise measurement of the full luminous intensity distribution of the test sample, spatial color homogeneity and correlated color temperature of small to medium-sized light sources up to an angle of 65° in only a few seconds.

The accessory set consists of an optical bench, translucent shield, holder for the LumiCam and a holder for the test sample. With this equipment the LumiCam is ideally suitable for the quality analysis of small and medium-sized light sources, such as LEDs and LED modules.

Individual configuration

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