Design color worlds in the interior


Article by Dr. Cameron Hughes

In order to maximize the feeling of well-being of the driver and passengers of a vehicle, interior displays and control elements should be color-coordinated, so that all important information is quickly and easily recognizable. The quality of optical parameters must be tested at the manufacturing stage, enabling decentralized component production.

Nowadays, displays are the main interactive elements for communication between the vehicle and its occupants. In cars they are continuously increasing in number; besides typical infotainment functions, they assume more and more special tasks such those of the side mirror. Additionally, LED light strips and other luminous elements in the passenger compartment make a positive contribution to comfort. The expectations of vehicle occupants in terms of image and color quality of displays are strongly influenced by mobile devices, and are thus extremely high. The color coordinated interior concept of automotive manufacturers is therefore extremely demanding and challenging in its technical implementation.

published in Automobil Elektronik 3/20