LED / Modules Comprehensive characterization of LEDs with integrating spheres

Precise radiometric, photometric and colorimetric measurement of LEDs

LED-based light sources have to a large extent superseded conventional light sources, and due to their technical advantages they have given rise to many new applications, e.g. human centric lighting or horticultural lighting. This results in a whole range of new measuring tasks for development and quality control in the LED light lab.

On account of the specific electro-optical properties of LEDs, the semiconductor components must be quality inspected several times during the manufacturing process from the chip to the finished lighting module. For this purpose, an integrating sphere is commonly used in conjunction with a spectroradiometer as measuring equipment. It enables all relevant photometric, radiometric and colorimetric values to be measured, e.g. luminous flux, color temperature, color rendering or luminous intensity.

The challenge: Top quality and flexibility of measuring instruments

Strict requirements apply to the measuring equipment used for LED production control. In the lab – as a preliminary stage to the production process or in quality control – a high degree of flexibility is required in addition to the high quality of the equipment.

Special requirements for LED measurement in the light lab:

  • High precision and accuracy of readings
  • Broad selection of sphere geometry and flexible mechanical interfaces
  • Special measurement adapters for holding LEDs
  • Thermal management for high-power LEDs

Our solution: high-quality integrating spheres in conjunction with array spectrometers

The ISP series from Instrument Systems embraces a broad spectrum of integrating spheres with a variety of reflective coatings and numerous options and accessories. In conjunction with spectrometers of the CAS series, high-precision optical measurements can be performed in only a few milliseconds. Instrument Systems has also developed a broad portfolio of measurement adapters and accessories for a wide range of measurement tasks with varied demands.

The calibration of systems from Instrument Systems traceable to national metrological Institutes is monitored by our ISO17025 accredited test labs and ensures highly accurate and reliable measurement results.

Powerful spectral software is the central interface for the collection and processing of measurement data and ensures that the results conform to standards and regulations.

Established cooperation with international LED manufacturers

Instrument Systems has been cooperating for many years with major LED manufacturers and their integrators. A base of several thousand LED test systems has been installed worldwide.

Our customers profit from our extensive know-how in the following areas:

  • Broad portfolio of integrating spheres for every purpose
  • Portfolio of proven spectrometer measurement systems for production (CAS 140D, CAS 120)
  • High-performance software packages
  • Metrological clarification of measurement tasks
  • Calibration local, offsite and onsite
  • Monitoring and auditing procedure
  • Provision of calibration sources
  • Parallelization of measurements
  • Global service network

What is your individual challenge? Together we will find the right solution – just ask us!

Video:Testing solutions for LED modules