Integrating Spheres ISP Precise luminous flux measurement of LEDs and luminaires

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High-quality coating and high measurement accuracy

With the ISP series, Instrument Systems has developed a complete family of integrating spheres for individual LEDs as well as lamps and luminaires. As accessories to the CAS series of spectroradiometers they are needed for a wide range of measurement tasks in the lab and production. Thanks to optimized geometry inside the sphere, all integrating spheres from Instrument Systems exhibit high measurement accuracy. The high-quality barium sulfate coating is extremely stable in the long term, and suitable for the spectral range from 240 to 2600 nm.

The ISP series of integrating spheres has a lateral measurement port for determining luminous flux in the 2π configuration, in which only the forward-directed radiation is measured. With larger spheres, the sample can additionally be secured in the center of the sphere for measuring the luminous flux in the 4π configuration. Emission in all directions can thus be determined, and total luminous flux can be measured.

ISP Integrating spheres – Product details:

  • Barium sulfate coating with 97% reflection in the visible range
  • Minimal aging effects and extremely low fluorescence level of coating
  • Cover the spectral range between 240 and 2600 nm
  • Ideally tailored to the spectrometer portfolio from Instrument Systems
  • Spectrometer can be connected by means of a fiber optic cable

The right integrating sphere for every light source

The decisive factor for selection of the right sphere is the maximum size of the light source to be measured. Small ISP Integrating spheres (75–150 mm) were specially developed for the measurement of individual LEDs and are to be found in many labs and production lines. Medium-sized ISP spheres (250­­–1000 mm) are suitable for a wide range of LED modules and luminaires, while the ISP 2000 integrating sphere is used for the measurement of particularly large and heavy luminaires and SSL products

For the measurement of VCSEL and micro LEDs, e.g. in the development of new display technologies, integrating spheres from Instrument Systems are likewise a key component of the measurement set-up in our customers’ laboratories.

Instrument Systems offers the ISP 150 integrating sphere for determining the transmittance or reflectance value of diffusely scattering samples. Its design complies with the requirements of DIN 5036 for diffuse reflection measurements: 150 mm inside diameter, 25 mm measurement port and 8° angle of incidence.

Model overview

The detailed measurement conditions under which the specified values have been determined can be looked up in the data sheets and brochures or requested from Instrument Systems.