LumiTop AR/VR Display Testing Optimized lens designs for headset and module level tests

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Fast and accurate production testing for perfect user experience

The LumiTop AR/VR system is specifically designed for production testing of near-eye displays (NEDs) in AR/VR headsets. The AR/VR lens mimics the human eye and measures color and luminance exactly as seen by the user. The periscope design gives easy access to the near-eye display and provides an optimal measurement position even under spatial constraints within a fully assembled headset. Even parallel operation of two LumiTops is possible to measure both near-eye-displays simultaneously. For module-level tests of AR/VR devices, alternatively a straight lens is available. A wide field of view, various pupil sizes and an adjustable focusing distance enable test applications within the complete production chain of NED and AR/VR headsets.

The LumiTop AR/VR system is based on the proven LumiTop principle: While an RGB camera captures the image of the near-eye-display in one shot, a reference spectroradiometer measures the spectrum of the image to provide highly accurate absolute luminance and color values. Since the measurement results are fully traceable to national standards, time-consuming golden sample calibration is unnecessary. The simultaneous measurement of 2D images, spectrum and flicker values, makes the LumiTop system one of the fastest, most comprehensive and extremly accurate light measurement solutions for diverse AR/VR tasks.

Instrument Systems also offers test systems for the IR light sources of a headset often used for gesture and object recognition.

Key Features:

  • LumiTop precision and speed
  • Field of view (FoV): up to 122° x 107°
  • Adjustable focus: 0.3 m – ∞
  • Various pupil sizes
  • Synchronized 2-eye measurement

Challenge: true colors and high luminosity

The LumiTop system with AR/VR delivers highly reproducible, traceable and accurate color and luminance measurements to provide the best possible user experience for augmented and virtual reality:

  • Fast, high-resolution camera for fast cycle times
  • HIghest color and luminance accuracy by reference spectroradiometer
  • Optimized lens design for natural emulation of the human eye
  • Fast photometer and hardware trigger for synchronized 2-eye measurements and modulated light sources
  • Spectral live reference measurement guarantees optimum accuracy

Individual configuration

Our system experts will be pleased to provide competent advice on your particular application. Our worldwide Service guarantees fast setup and optimum support over the entire lifetime of the system.

Examples of applications