Solid State Lighting Crucial measurements for good light quality

Accurate and reliable measurement of solid-state lighting products

Lighting modules on semiconductor basis – so-called solid-state lighting (SSL) products – have largely replaced conventional light sources. LED technology offers many advantages, e.g. compact design, long life and high energy efficiency in combination with freely selectable wavelengths. This has significantly increased the variety of designs in general lighting.

In addition, in the last few years the LED has replaced conventional light sources in many industrial applications. New fields of application have emerged: in human centric lighting or horticultural lighting, LED technology enables optimum adaptation of spectral properties to the specific requirements of the respective application. Accurate measurement of light sources in development and production is a prerequisite for this.

The challenge: Complex measurement tasks – exacting quality requirements

Instrument Systems is a pioneer in the measurement of LED lighting modules. Electrics and thermal management of SSL luminaires have an enormous influence on light distribution and colorimetric properties. Measuring systems of extremely high quality that are optimally tailored to the respective measurement task are thus necessary for classification, e.g. in terms of energy efficiency or color.

Increasingly complex systems and a broad range of lighting module designs and geometries mean that measuring equipment must also meet exacting requirements in terms of flexibility. When measured in integrating spheres, SSL luminaires with large dimensions require exact self-absorption correction for achieving correct results. Goniometer systems must have precise positioning systems, and at the same time they must be designed for heavier weights and offer variable connection options.

For verification of the conformity of light sources with new and increasingly rigorous international standards and legal requirements, the software for the analysis of spectral measurement data must be subject to ongoing development.

Our solution: all-in-one systems for a wide range of SSL measurement tasks

Spectroradiometers, integrating spheres, goniophotometers and imaging colorimeters from Instrument Systems satisfy the most exacting demands in terms of measurement accuracy, e.g. color temperature (CCT) and color rendering index (CRI). Thanks to numerous software packages and a wide range of accessories, as all-in-one systems they fulfil extremely diverse measurement tasks for SSL lamps, luminaires, flood lamps and OLEDs. For more than 30 years Instrument Systems has been supplying test labs and manufacturers all over the world with systems tailored to their requirements. 

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Video: Testing solutions for SSL