Photometers & Colorimeters

Photometers and colorimeters – Platform for precise and fast light measurement

A photometer is used to measure the photometric quantities of illuminance (lx), luminous intensity (cd), luminous flux (lm), and luminance (cd/m²).

The integral method and the fast response time of silicon photodiodes means that photometers can achieve an outstanding measuring speed. They are therefore ideal for performing fast goniophotometric measurements. We take great care in the development and production of photometer heads and use innovative amplifier technologies. These comply with the most stringent requirements in conformity with standards defined by DIN EN 13032-1, DIN 5032-7, and CIE 121.

The Optronik Line tristimulus colorimeters are based on 4 silicon photodiodes, i.e. one detector each for Y and Z and 2 detectors for Xblue and Xred. This technique achieves a more precise filter correction to the tristimulus functions. The CIE color coordinates xyz and the correlated color temperature are then calculated from the XYZ values.

Customized solutions

Instrument Systems also supplies custom solutions based on multi-channel photocurrent amplifiers with up to 75 detectors and photometers for outdoor measurements. The applications range from automated lighting control to measurement of luminance in the night sky.