MultiCAS Test System Synchronous control of several CAS spectroradiometers

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Recording of a spectrum with an extremely wide wavelength range in one measurement

Instrument Systems offers intelligent high-end solutions for complex spectral measurements to be performed over an extremely wide wavelength range, or several samples simultaneously. For this purpose, several spectroradiometers are controlled in parallel using a trigger box.

By combining various different CAS models, a broad wavelength range from UV to IR can be analyzed in a single measurement. The user-friendly MultiCAS module of the corresponding SpecWin Pro analytical software evaluates all measurement data in a uniform measurement curve.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use: by connecting a virtual spectrometer in the SpecWin Pro software, operation is identical to that of a single spectrometer.
  • Added flexibility: several spectrometers can be combined to a single system with maximum wavelength range
  • Reduced investment costs: existing spectrometers from Instrument Systems can be freely combined

Wide range of requirements

The requirements placed on the system differ according to the application. If the wavelength range is to be as broad as possible, spectrometers with differing spectral ranges should be connected. For parallelization of a measurement, e.g. sample and reference, spectrometers with an identical wavelength range can be simultaneously controlled.

System configuration

The core component is the MultiCAS trigger box. Up to three spectrometers can be connected to a trigger box using the supplied Sub-D cable. One of the spectrometers functions as the master and delivers the supply voltage for the trigger box and the trigger signal for initiating the measurement. Alternatively, the starting signal can be provided from an external trigger source.

Up to three spectrometers can be controlled synchronously by cascaded operation of several trigger boxes. The MultiCAS plug-in for the Pro Labor software enables simple and intuitive use of several spectrometers, as operation is identical to that of a single spectrometer.

Component Description

MultiCAS trigger box

MultiCAS trigger box for synchronous control of up to three spectrometers via a 9-pole Sub-D connector. The voltage is supplied to the trigger box from a spectrometer connected to the master CAS.

CAS 140CT-171

The CAS 140CT-171 (IR1) for the spectral range from 780-1650nm with cooled InGaAs detector demonstrates particularly high sensitivity in the IR range.

CAS 140D-154

The CAS 140D-154 (UV-VIS-NIR) for the spectral range from 220-1020 nm demonstrates particularly high sensitivity in the UV range up into near infrared range.

SpecWin Pro

SpecWin Pro lab software for control and evaluation of the spectrometer.

MultiCAS plug-in for SpecWin Pro

Plug-in for use of the MultiCAS functionality in SpecWin Pro software.

Individual configuration

Our system experts will be pleased to provide competent advice on your particular application. Our global Service guarantees fast set-up and full support over the entire lifetime of the system. Together we will find the right solution – just ask us!