CIE 250:2022 – New guideline for spectroradiometry


German article by Dr. Tobias Schneider

It has been almost four decades since the publication of Technical Report CIE 063:1984 The Spectroradiometric Measurement of Light Sources, and there have been significant changes in spectroradiometric requirements and applications. The market for lighting and information displays is dominated by semi-conductor-based light sources, while incandescent and fluorescent lamps are declining in importance. The spectral distribution that is measured in labs today is thus fundamentally different and, in particular, more complex. There is now a broader spectrum of applications in terms of the wavelength range to be covered. Whereas CIE 063:1984 focused mainly on photometric measurements in the visible range, an increas­ingly important role is now being played by the near infrared range (e.g. facial recognition, eye-tracking, LIDAR) and ultraviolet range (e.g. sterilization of water and surfaces, lithography). The technology employed in spectroradiometry has also been refined. The choice of technologies, and thus spectroradiometer designs that permit measurement with the highest degree of precision, has widened, and digitization has immensely expanded the possibilities of data acquisition, processing and analysis. Last but not least, there have also been substantial advancements in measuring technology itself, and not only is more information available to users today – due to digitization it is also generally more easily accessible.

published in German in ElektronikPraxis 16/22, page 48