DTS Display Measurement Spectroradiometric display test system with the CAS 140D

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Maximum measurement accuracy and convenience

The DTS 140D display test system is an all-in-one system for the spectroradiometric determination of luminance and all colorimetric parameters of displays. It is based on Instrument Systems high-end CAS 140D spectrometer and has been optimized for highest measurement accuracy, maximum stability and high variability.

The DTS 140D can be universally used for tests with any display technology, e.g.:

  • Photometric evaluation of illuminated symbols and characters in display and control elements
  • Examination of classical displays in consumer products such as smartphones and tablets
  • Characterization of displays in automotive applications

The TOP 200 telescopic optical probe serves as a measuring sensor.  It features an alignment camera integrated into the SpecWin Pro software. This enables the measurement spot to be quickly and precisely positioned on the sample, and its size to be varied by means of a built-in aperture wheel. A selection of lenses extends the bandwidth of the measurement spot diameter from 0.075 mm to several centimeters.    

The SpecWin Pro software offers extensive possibilities for the analysis of measurement data acquired with the DTS 140D. In addition to the readings, it also documents the point of measurement, thus greatly facilitating subsequent assignment.

Key Features:

  • Maximum precision and stability of photometric parameters due to high-end spectroradiometers of the CAS 140 series with traceable calibration.
  • Precise and fast measurement spot positioning by TOP 200 telescopic optical probe with integral alignment camera.
  • Presentation and further analysis of readings with extensive SpecWin Pro light software.
  • Complete display characterization with motorized positioning systems from the DTS 500 series.

DTS-specific requirements for display measurement

Most of the displays and backlit panels used today are based on LEDs or OLEDs. Their more or less narrow-band, structured spectra call for spectroradiometric measurement systems capable of accurate metrological determination and evaluation. In addition, low luminance must be reliably measured in the finest structures and high resolutions.

The DTS 140D with high sensitivity and measurement accuracy of its CAS 140D spectrometer and the TOP 200 telescopic optical probe designed for the smallest measurement spots were developed for both scenarios.

System configuration

A DTS 140D all-in-one system typically consists of the following components:

Component Description


Spectrometer of the Instrument Systems CAS 140D series; spectral range 360–830 nm or 380–1040 nm.

Measuring sensor

TOP 200 telescopic optical probe with alignment camera for focusing on the measurement point and documentation of the same in the data record.


SpecWin Pro lab software for convenient control of the spectrometer and telescopic optical probe, together with a complete measurement analysis and documentation.


Calibration of luminance and radiance, traceable to national standards as PTB or NIST.

Positioning systems

DTS 400 manual positioning table or DTS 500 fully automatic 5-axis positioning system

From automotive to consumer electronics

In the automotive sector the DTS 140D, as a representative of the third generation, is already the reference instrument for measuring the luminance and color of illuminated elements in the passenger compartment. The system has also become established in many other industries such as consumer electronics, household appliances or aviation. The experience gained here is being contributed to the further enhancement of the system and every user can profit from it.

Our system experts will be pleased to provide advice on your particular challenge! Together we will find the right solution – just ask us!