DMS Display Measurement All-in-one solution for goniometric display characterization

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DMS system – developed for display measurement at the highest level of perfection

The DMS system, the fundamentals of which were already in place in the 1980s, is a globally recognized reference system for the goniometric measurement of electro-optical displays and components. It is used both in development and quality control. On the basis of ongoing refinements and diverse accessories, the high-precision DMS goniometer delivers tailor-made solutions for ever new measurement tasks arising from state-of-the-art display technologies.

Key Features:

  • 6-axis, motorized goniometer system
  • Measurement of luminance, contrast, color coordinates in different control statuses of the display and angles of view
  • Electro-optical transfer characteristics and flicker measurement
  • Qualification of environmental influences such as temperature and ambient light on electro-optical display characteristics
  • Measuring microscope with spectrometer and photometer connection
  • Interface for control of the sample

Requirements for goniometric display measurements

The requirements placed on goniometric display measurements are as diverse as the applications of our customers. The modular platform of the DMS system permits the optimum solution to be configured for every measurement task and technology.

Typical measurement tasks with the DMS system:

  • Design and optimization of displays
  • Development of correction filters
  • Analysis of optical parameters as a function of material temperature
  • Analysis of optical parameters in different ambient light scenarios
  • Definition and creation of product specifications
  • Automated quality control and characterization
  • Ingoing and outgoing inspection of components, materials and finished products

System configuration

An all-in-one system for comprehensive display characterization typically consists of the following components: 

Component Description


A basic DMS 201, 505, 803, 903 device as a manual or fully motorized goniometer and measuring microscope


CAS 140D array spectrometer


PMT 3/100 fast photometer with 100 kHz bandwidth

Halogen light source

HEL-4 tungsten halogen lamp

Xenon light source

LC-8 Xenon lamp

Lighting unit: diffuser hemisphere

DHS for determination of contrast in reflective displays

Lighting unit: integrating sphere

SDR for measurement of the diffuse reflection factor under 8° SPINC/SPEX

Lighting unit: VADIS

Diffuse lighting with variable aperture for measurement of display characteristics in ambient light

Lighting unit: PID

Parallel illumination for BRDF measurements

Lighting unit: PLS

LED point light source

HCS temperature control chamber

HCS-3B temperature control chamber for air heating/cooling over a temperature range of -40°C to +105°C. Optional with integrated sample holder and diffuser lighting


DMSControl control and measurement software. ViPer software for data analysis and visualization

Schematic drawing of display measurement with a DMS system.

From automotive to AR/VR

DMS systems specify, optimize and evaluate the displays, components and materials of every technology in terms of their impact on the human visual system. They are to be found in automotive development labs and end-of-line quality controls of many display production lines in Asia. As they accurately simulate the human eye, they are ideally suited to new applications such as AR/VR.

Our system experts will be pleased to provide competent advice on your particular application. Together we will find the right solution – just ask us!