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Spectrometer – the basis of a spectral measuring system

Optical spectrometers are used to analyze the spectral composition of light beams. Combined with optical probes and absolute calibration, this measuring instrument becomes a spectroradiometer. With the appropriate software and further accessories, spectroradiometers provide the solution to a wide range of photometric tasks. These range from quality control in established LED or display manufacture to the development of completely new products in the areas of lighting, LED, laser, automotive and display.


Array spectrometers for laboratory and production

The core piece of an optical spectrometer is the diffraction grating that splits the light beam to be analyzed into its spectral components and projects them onto a detector. This enables the energy level for individual wavelengths to be evaluated. Because the entire spectrum is simultaneously captured by the detector array, very short measuring times can be achieved in the order of milliseconds.

Thanks to their versatility, array spectrometers are widely used in the lab. Their robust design and high optical throughput also makes the suitable for light measurement in industrial applications, e.g. in the production of individual LEDs and displays of all kinds. 

Instrument Systems stands for quality and precision

Because all radiometric, photometric and colorimetric properties can be calculated by software from the spectral data, the quality and precision of the spectroradiometer is extremely important.

This is a core competency of Instrument Systems. World-renowned, high-end array spectroradiometers and a wide range of system accessories have been produced at its Munich site for over 30 years. Considerable research and development effort has resulted in products and systems that always represent cutting-edge technology and are widely used all over the globe. Wide use as a reference instrument in national calibration labs and production facilities confirms the high level of quality and precision of our spectroradiometers.

The extensive accessories are compatible with all spectroradiometers from Instrument Systems and cater for all conceivable measuring tasks.

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One measuring principle – multiple product lines

Instrument Systems offers different product lines of array spectrometers:

The CAS 140 line of high-end systems is predominantly used for demanding measuring tasks in the lab and as a reference instrument. Due to their high degree of precision and robust design, the CAS 120 line of measuring instruments is typically used in industrial production. With various models, the two CAS lines cover the entire UV/VIS/NIR spectral range, and the CAS 140CT additionally the infrared range to 2150 nm.

With the CAS 140CT-HR and CAS 120-HR Instrument Systems has also developed two high-resolution versions with a high optical resolution for a limited wavelength range. Typical measurement tasks are narrow-band emitters, e.g. VCSEL and laser diodes.

The two CAS 140CT-IR models are available for measuring wavelengths above 1100 nm: IR1 (780 nm – 1650 nm) and IR2 (1500 nm – 2150 nm).

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