DTS 500 Positioning system for automatic display tests

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DTS 500 - Goniometer for precise, automatic light measurement of control panels and LC displays

Large numbers of samples must be reliably and reproducibly tested for photometric parameters in the laboratories of display manufacturers and suppliers to the automotive and aviation industries. A vital role is played here by DTS 500 positioning systems that permit precise targeting of measuring points and the examination of luminance and color from different viewing angles. They upgrade Instrument Systems high-end spectrometers and telescopic optical probes to an all-in-one system for automated measurement procedures.

The DTS 500 goniometer from Instrument Systems is available in different configurations:

  • Standalone XYZ positioner (e.g. for control panels in cars and aircraft)
  • Standalone 2-axis goniometer
  • Complete 5-axis goniometer (e.g. for LC displays)

The control of the DTS 500 has been fully integrated into the SpecWin Pro software. Readings can be graphically displayed as luminance and contrast distribution in Cartesian or spherical coordinates with isolines, and exported in many formats.

Product details:

  • Precise and robust positioning system for a broad range of applications in display testing
  • Model versions for display sizes up to 590 x 490 mm and sample weights up to 25 kg
  • Full integration into the SpecWin Pro spectral software
  • Programmable, automatic X-Y scans and theta/phi scans in all X-Y positions
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Optional mountings for the LumiCam imaging measurement system

Automatic positioning of displays for viewing angle-dependent measurements

The DTS 500 permits automatic measurement of the optical attributes of displays from different viewing angles. These include:

  • Measurement of backlit switches and symbols or instrument clusters
  • NVIS measurement of flight instruments
  • Determination of the BRDF reflection properties of displays (with optional lighting equipment)
  • Determination of the spatial radiation properties of LEDs and small luminaires

Examples of applications

Technical data

Model DTS500-103  DTS500-105
Translation range (X,Y,Z) 350 x 340 x 350 mm  545 x 540 x 450 mm
Reproducibility ± 0.013 mm  ± 0.013 mm
Absolute accuracy ± 0.025 mm  ± 0.025 mm
Speed 60 mm/sec  60 mm/sec
Max. mountable weight 6 kg (10 kg optional)  6 kg (10 kg optional)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 90 x 80 x 90 cm  100 x 100 x 110 cm
Weight (approx.) 70 kg  80 kg
2-Axis Goniometer
Model  DTS500-113  DTS500-115
Max. Display Size (WxH)
(w. clamping device)
350 x 280 mm  550 x 440 mm
Max. display size (WxH)
(w/o. clamping device)
395 x 300 mm  590 x 490 mm
Rotation range -100° bis +100°  -100° bis +100°
Reproducibility ± 0.01°  ± 0.1°
Absolute accuracy ± 0.05°  ± 0.05°
Speed 25°/sec  25°/sec
Max. mountable weight 10 kg  25 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 60 x 55 x 70 cm  80 x 60 x 90 cm
Weight (approx.) 35 kg  55 kg
The detailed measurement conditions under which the specified values have been determined can be looked up in the data sheets and brochures or requested from Instrument Systems.

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