Spectrometer SDK Programming interface for Instrument Systems spectrometers

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Development tools for integrating spectrometers into existing software

Instrument Systems offers device DLLs and drivers for LabVIEW for the control of our spectrometers from your own programs. This will enable you to control the spectrometers into your own measurement procedures and operate them together with other equipment.

In addition to the Windows DLLs, the SDK is supplied with comprehensive documentation including sample programs in various programming languages. Drivers for LabVIEW VIs are available as an option.

Development tools for programmers

Device DLLs permit direct control of all spectrometer functions and the capture of spectra and all results derived therefrom. The libraries contain all the functions necessary for the calculation of radiometric, photometric and colorimetric values.

Besides more complex calculations, e.g. color coordinates (CIE1931, CIE1960, CIE1976) and color rendering index (CIE13.3.95, DIN6169, TM30-15) functions such as MultiTrack or Auto-Range enable simple and efficient control of a wide range of measuring tasks in production and lab.

In addition, process reliability can be enhanced by monitoring the sensor temperature and spectrometer status.

LabVIEW drivers correspond to an extension of the respective device DLL and make their functionality available in the form of LabVIEW VIs.

To facilitate fast entry to programming, in addition to comprehensive documentation there are numerous code examples for common programming languages and example VIs for LabVIEW implementation.

Product details

  • Programming the interface for spectrometers
  • Calculation of radiometric, photometric and colorimetric quantities
  • Automatic dark current measurement
  • Auto-Range functionality
  • Definition of parameter sets
  • MultiTrack function for extremely fast capture of spectra
  • Status monitoring
  • Performance of transmission measurements