SpecWin Light Powerful software for simple measuring tasks

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SpecWin Light Software – tailored to daily spectral measurements in the lab

The SpecWin Light software from Instrument Systems was developed for users who do not need the complete range of functions of SpecWin Pro, and place an emphasis on ease of operation.

SpecWin Light supports spectrometers of the CAS 120 and CAS 140D series. Since the focus lies on the basic functions measurement, analysis and documentation, the software is particularly suited to routine applications in the lab and in quality assurance.

Daily tasks in the light lab

SpecWin Light supports the following measurements:

  • Spectral analysis (acquisition and evaluation of the spectrum of light emitting sources, including all radiometric, photometric and colorimetric quantities)
  • Transmission (transmission measurements using a reference spectrum)
  • Reflection (reflection measurements using a reference spectrum)

Product details

  • Program-supported configuration of hardware
  • Configuration and documentation of measurement series
  • Fast change between different configurations
  • Definition and application of own calculations
  • Real-time presentation of measurement data
  • Overview of all readings
  • Verification of individual measurement variables and reconciliation with specified limits
  • Saving measurements including all calculated values, raw data and measurement settings
  • Generation of individual measurement reports with user-friendly templates

For complex measuring tasks we also offer the software with an enhanced range of functions: SpecWin Pro