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Laser Shanghai 2020

Visit us at LASER Shanghai on 03-05 July 2020 at the  National Convention & Exhibition Center Shanghai! We are excited to show our high-quality solutions in light measurement on two exhibition areas which make Instrument Systems your ideal partner for various measurement applications in the area of display production testing as well as spectral measurements of LEDs und VCSELs.

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COVID-19: The demand for UV-LEDs is rising!

UV-LED-based light sources are in strong demand for contactless disinfection of medical products, particularly for combatting the Corona virus.
Therefore we are offering a 10 % discount on all systems for measurement in the UV-range!

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Quality of cockpit displays

Human machine interfaces (HMI) in vehicles are based on AR/VR systems and displays. Strict requirements for safety, user-friendliness and integral aesthetics apply not only to the German automobile market. In addition to know-what and know-how, high-precision optical measurement technology ­– as developed and supplied by Instrument Systems – is required for quality testing.

Article published in ElektronikPraxis 20/19

Characterization of VCSELs

A precise error budget of the measurement system is required for eye safety assessment in the measurement of lasers/VCSELs. For this purpose, Instrument Systems offers absolutely calibrated measuring instruments with traceability to the PTB. Systems consisting of integrating spheres, fast photodiodes and optimum control electronics enable the time-resolved characterization of laser pulses in the nanosecond range.

Laser diodes and VCSELs as technology drivers